Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Breakfast, Redoux at The Whippoorwill

What? The Whippoorwill – a new brunch/dinner joint at Lansdowne and Bloor. Sandwiched in between the gadabout shops and mismatched cafes is the classically redesigned restaurant, formerly known as the Bloordale Pantry. The Whippoorwill specializes in taking ordinary brunch fare and transforming it into whimsically extraordinary dishes. While the seating selection isn’t superior, the service and food surpasses par.
Whippoorwill's version of an eggs benedict. Giggity! 
My first experience here was on my last birthday; the Whippoorwill is a short walk from my new apartment, which is either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you look at a fairly overweight yet satisfied Aaron. We had poached eggs on a buttery biscuit (soooo buttery) with hollandaise and asparagus. The biscuit took this meal into the realm of taste-bud euphoria, but it was the second half of the meal that became a highlight. Referenced as the ‘breakfast bruschetta of the day’, an unbelievable combination of sweet and savoury atop a slice of toasted French stick etched a memory on my taste buds. Ours had apricot, cream cheese, dandelion, roasted pine nuts, and a bunch of other things I can’t remember because this was three weeks ago. Bottom line: get the breakfast bruschetta.

Oh, I also had a mimosa. Cause it was my birthday. So what?

Where? The Whippoorwill is another perfect example of gentrification on this stretch of Bloor. As development from either end encroaches, small indicators of a changing neighbourhood pop up; the Whippoorwill is no exception. No longer considered a ‘seedy’ part of Toronto, ‘Blansdowne’ is now clustered with hipster-esque establishments and old Portuguese bakeries. For a community in transition, it’s a great stretch to go at any time of day or night as a non-destination area…(yet).

Go Again? Yes – as one of the few joints in the area that specializes in breakfast, this place is a must go. I would try their dinner menu, but wouldn’t hold it to the awesomeness bestowed upon me during the meal earlier in the day. Although brunch doesn’t start until 11am, I would make sure I get there early as the venue is small and packs up easily. For a meal that defies normalcy, the Whippoorwill has made its mark on breakfast cuisine in an area that screams for something different. 

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