Sunday, 9 June 2013

All But The End.

One of the most important skills one can master is the art of understanding the power of change. I have known a change is needed for a while now but have not summoned the courage to bring it into fruition.

Until now. 

My engagement to writing is, like most others, unstable. It is constantly teetering on a thin line between finding joy and self-esteem, and bored disillusionment at the material I create - a relationship indicative of artist and art; the all too self-conscious maker of things. Lately I've been stuck in a rut where I don't find the things I produce interesting, nor do I have investment in the process of its creation. Lost and Found was the product of many other failures in blogging and a stubborn keenness to get it right. When I finally landed on something solid that made sense to me, I began to stretch it to its limitations....Which is where I am now. On the crux of something old and expired, screaming at me to change direction.

I must listen, but first I must break if I am to listen intently. Lost and Found, as successful as it has been to me personally, is at a point where its horizons have been met and further expansion is impossible. My decision to retire this blog rests not on being fed up, but predetermining its decay and giving it a respectable funeral.
The Wilds of Canada - Where I Belong.
Thus I shall take a temporary hiatus from blogging, three weeks in length, to focus on my new venture, "Aaron UnCanadian" - set to launch on July 1st - Canada Day itself. I am dedicating myself to the form of writing I feel best suited for and find the most passion in - story writing and capturing. Themed on an ambitious 16 month endeavor to save, organize and embark on a journey across Canada, "Aaron UnCanadian" is promised to rearrange everything we think we know about The True North - both good and bad. This is not a blog about igloos and maple syrup, but a pushing of authentic Canadian people, stories, things and events into the fore of our county's people....and the rest of the world.

So, for one last time on Lost and Found.....

Safe Travels,

Aaron Turpin

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