Friday, 18 November 2011

I wish that I knew all I know now when I was younger.

A legendary chorus from a song written by a little-known 70’s band called The Faces. The track was popularized by Rod Stewart’s re-recording of the song a mere two decades after and has come to be one of our most cherished musical pieces on important life learnings.

I think that if I had more foresight I would have published this blog a long time ago, but I have never really been successful or skilled at documenting the more important parts of life. With that said, welcome to my new blog! I intend on keeping this a semi-professional forum where I can share experiences and reflect on the places I go and people I meet. For now, it is a creative outlet of communication on this vast expanse we call the internet, but who knows how far I can go! Maybe I’m launching a new career in media communications? (Those who know me are laughing at their screen right now).

One thing is for sure; the prospect of this blog both scares and excites me. For some reason, though, I have always gravitated towards new and scary things. I find that forcing yourself to do something that makes you uncomfortable but exposes you to parts of this world that are completely different and unique is the best way to achieve some form of self-discovery. So I cordially invite you to join me in my new endeavour
that will either crash and burn or become insanely successful.

Either way it will be entertaining.

Safe travels,

Aaron Turpin.