Friday, 9 November 2012

One Year Blog-iversary!

November 2012 marks a first milestone for Lost and Found: the all-important one year anniversary. Yep, as of this point in time, I have been an active ‘blogger’ for longer than Kim Campbell served as Canada’s 19th Prime Minister. This is a dually noted event as, apparently, more and more people seem to adopt a blog faster than Angelina Jolie adopts African children. Ironically, a vast majority of this group don’t keep their blogs active because image mattered more than investment......kinda like Angelina Jolie when she adopts African children.

Today, with an estimated 31 million + bloggers in the US and Canada alone, the blog has become one of the biggest social media tools on the web. Unfortunately, 65% of all blogs created will become dormant within a year of their creation - the third highest impotent thing ever (behind smokers and males over 30). Add to that list another list of blogs that shouldn’t exist and you get both a sentence that rhymes really well and another pile of worthless crap that clogs the internet.

I have come to learn that the sustainability of a blog has to do with its manager’s ability to commit to the project and become impassioned by it. Alternative media is now on everyone’s doorstep – finding your place within it can be more like trying to find a parking spot at Edmonton Mall. And it’s Saturday afternoon. And you’re driving a semi-truck. And there’s a dying baby in the passenger seat.

In lieu of my success at staying afloat for a whole year I will theme the next few posts on Canadian media and its significance to a 24 year old pathetically trying to loosely grasp hold of something inside the vast ocean of bloggers everywhere. I hope you can sift through my self-deprecation and find something meaningful.

Safe travels,

Aaron Turpin 

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